Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Ugly Seed (by Randy Speck)

"If God can make - of an ugly seed with a bit of earth and air, and dew and rain, sunshine and shade - a flower so wondrous fair....I wonder what will He make of a soul like me."

I love those words from A.D. Burkett's poem entitled, "If You Will." They remind me of a day when I said to my son, Elijah, then a toddler...

"Why don't you just stay little like you are right now, and you can be my baby the rest of your life and mine?"

He replied, "I'm trying to dad, but God won't let me!"

His response really told the story of how God has it in His plan to make something of him, and I know that whatever He has in store for him will be nothing less than GREAT!

I sometimes wonder what God has in store for my children as they grow older, but most of the time I am too busy trying to figure out what He has in store for ME!

Growing up, I recall there were those who did their part to steer, or attempted to steer, me in the right direction. Remember the slogan, “Let God Be Your Co-Pilot?" I spent way too many years driving, when I should have pulled over and let God drive. I'm glad I finally did. He's a much better driver than I am.

Romans 5:12 says, "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world." The bible says that ALL have sinned. It's so easy to stray from the nourishment we need in order to become that beautiful flower God wants us to be. But, the good news is that it is God's intention to make each of us into beautiful flowers. Now, that makes me want to jump up and shout!

And, that takes me back to what Burkett wrote...

"If God can make - of an ugly seed with a bit of earth and air, and dew and rain, sunshine and shade - a flower so wondrous fair....I wonder what will He make of a soul like me."

The answer is simple, ‘something beautiful,’ if I just learn to let Him do the driving.

God wants to create something beautiful out of your life!  Listen to the words of our song, Creator.

Many BEAUTIFUL blessings to you!

Randy S.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Truth (by Chuck Gibson)

I was in my 7TH grade science class listening to the teacher, a towering man who spoke with a voice of authority. He stood at the front of the class and held in his hand a small velvet bag with draw-strings pulled tight, keeping it closed. He opened the bag to reveal a small box, and as he opened the box he began to explain that it contained two items; a glove and a small weight. He explained that the weight was extremely precise and was used to calibrate scales.

The teacher then put the glove on, and with the gloved hand, he lifted the weight from its formed and molded indention inside the box. He told of how the weight could only be handled with the gloved hand, because the oils from your hand could attract dust, jeopardizing its precise and true measurement. My science teacher then spoke of how this is no ordinary weight. "This weight is the standard, in which other weights are measured up against. It's measurement is true."

Well, that was many years ago, and when I look back on this, what seemed like a small insignificant event in my life, I am reminded of Jesus the Christ. Jesus, like the weight, is certainly not ordinary. He is not just a good man. He is not even just a great prophet, as some would believe. Jesus was and is God in the form of man. He was and is the standard by which we should model our lives.

Recorded in the New Testament, in the book of John, chapter 18, verse 38, just before the crucifixion of Jesus,  Pilot asked Him, "What is truth?" The Bible doesn't say that Jesus gave a response, but one could imagine that when asked the question, "What is truth?" Jesus may have held his arms open as if to say, "Truth stands here before you."

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me. John 14:6

Here is the song, Truth, by Rising Son Ministries


Friday, June 1, 2012

The Mini Bike and the Parade - by Chuck Gibson

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my parents bought me a used mini bike from my cousin for $20. That summer, when it was time for the county fair, there was always a parade. My dad asked me if I wanted to ride my mini bike in the parade, and of course, I said yes.

So, the time came when we loaded the bike in the back of our truck and headed off toward town. When we arrived, there were people everywhere. We found a group of kids, all of them older than me, and all of them on motorcycles. They were revving their engines and spinning their wheels. To say the least, I was a little bit intimidated. My dad unloaded the mini bike, gave me instructions to stay with the group, and said he would meet me at the place where the parade would end. He then disappeared in the crowd.

When the parade began, we headed down the street. People were lined up on both sides, and there I was, parading through town with these cool older kids. All was well with the world, that is until my mini bike began to sputter and all of a sudden....the engine died. Distraught, I pushed it over to the curb, where I stood as the parade slowly began to pass me by. "What if I can't get it started, I thought?" And, it felt as if the whole world was pointing their finger at me and laughing. As sweat began to drop from my nose, I pulled the starter rope again and again and again. I was doing EVERYTHING my dad had taught me about starting the bike, with no success. Then it hit me. How was my dad going to find me? How was I going to get to the end of the parade, where he would be waiting for me? Fear began to take over. That nervous feeling you get in your stomach, when you want something so bad isn't going your way, slowly began to take over inside me. I was almost ready to panic when suddenly, with one more pull of the rope, the engine started! Without hesitation, I sped off down the street as fast as I could go to catch up with the cycling crew that had left me behind. With a big sigh of relief, I was once again back in the parade.

And then, as fate would have it, my rejuvenated spirit was short-lived, as a little farther along the parade route, my worst fear came true. It happened again. The engine died, once more. Once again, I pushed bike over to the side of the street as again, the parade proceeded without me. I was devastated, but I refused to give up as I frantically tried to get the bike started again. All the stress, fears and embarrassment I had  experienced earlier, had increased a thousand percent. I reached down to pull the starter rope and this time, thankfully, it started right away. I managed to catch up with the rest of the cycling crew and this time, I made it to the end of the parade. Looking around, my dad seemed to appear from nowhere. I told him all about the troubles I had along the route as we loaded the mini bike onto the truck and headed home.

The next day was Sunday. At Church, after the service had ended, a kind lady said, "Hey Chuck, I saw you in the parade yesterday." Her comment brought a big smile to my face until she added, "It looked like you were having trouble with your mini bike!" With my headed hung low, I said "Yes, ma'am!" Then she said, "It was so funny, because your dad was with my husband and I in our horse-drawn wagon just a short distance behind you, and every time your mini bike's engine would die, your dad would leap from the wagon and  take off running to help you, but each time, as he drew near, you managed to start the engine and take off, leaving him standing there watching carefully as you sped away."

I realized suddenly that all the stress and fear I had experienced the day before was for naught. My dad had been there with me the entire time, and I had no idea! It's the same way with my Heavenly Dad. When I am stressed, He is always there, waiting for me to call out to Him. Matthew 11:28 says, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I give you rest." 

God can and will do the same for you. I hope you will let Him.